Friday, May 20, 2011

On Apples

I'm sure you were expecting some more inspirational/advice today, but I got sidetracked, so bear with me!

For those who followed this blog back when it was Mad Marten, you all know I love apples. Specifically, Cripps Pink (Also known by their brand name, Pink Lady Apples). And since they are in season once again, I offer you the following bit on my favorite apple.

Cripps Pink apples were first bred in 1973 in Austrailia by a man named John Cripps. He bred a Lady Williams apple with a Golden Delicious apple in order to make an apple with the best traits of both.

Cripps Pink apples are both tart and sweet. Also, they are fantastic for cooking, because they don't turn to mush when heated. For this reason, they are fantastic in recipes like spice cake.

As an apple, of course, it has no cholesterol and contains pectin, a beneficial dietary fiber. This fiber may actually work to reduce the body's cholesterol level and may possibly help prevent heart attacks. 

They're only in season for a limited time, so grab some while you can!